Photo Update

Today I’m just going to do another photo update, but with a little context this time. For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I have a property that’s a little shy of five acres in Davisburg, Michigan. Easily half that amount is covered by vicious, thorny blackberry bushes. They are my archnemesis. My mission (because I’ve already chosen to accept it) is to find and eliminate every last one of them. Along the way, I’m also eliminating nettles and poison ivy. If only I could say that I’d found them before they found me, but alas no.

I’m making a little photo record of the critters I meet along the way. I must apologize in advance to anyone who doesn’t like bugs. I love them. Thank heaven (and the good folks at Canon) for my macro lens. Take this spider, for instance. No idea what kind of spider he is. He’s what my mother would call a Daddy Long Legs. As I took this shot, I realized that there was a bug on my bug. Can you see it? On his right front leg, about halfway down, is a little…something.


No sooner did I notice it, then the spider also seemed to notice it. More than that, he seemed panic stricken by it. He began shaking his leg all over the place in what seemed to be an obvious effort to flick the other bug off.


He did finally manage to flick it off and ran headlong in the opposite direction. Just goes to show, even bugs freak out when they discover a bug crawling up their leg.


Another critter I discovered on the property this week was a stick bug. I say I discovered him, but it was really the bug who found me. I was doing battle with the blackberries when he crawled up my neck and onto my face. Like my arachnid friend above, I freaked. On instinct, I flung first and asked questions later. Fortunately, we both survived the encounter.


July is the time when the thistles are in bloom. Like my archnemesis, thistles are full of thorns, but for me the bloom goes a long way toward redeeming them. More than that, the butterflies love them. I felt bad for this one though, seems he’s lost part of his wing.


Most of all right now, I’m trying to track the birds on our property. I haven’t yet identified them all, but I’m working on it. This first one is a Downy Woodpecker:


Next a Gray Catbird (by far the loudest of our feathered friends):


I’m going to guess this is a young Warbler of some kind:



Then there’s this one. Really not sure, but I’m going to go out on a limb (no pun intended) and guess that it’s a Blackpoll Warbler:



Then there are the elusive birds. Those I can never seem to capture very well no matter how often I try. Like this American Goldfinch:


Or the Green Herons that visit our pond (I can’t seem to get close enough for a decent shot without scaring them away):


I also had a rare opportunity to get close to a vulture today. Unfortunately, some farm equipment came by just as I tried to take my shot and scared him away.


One thought on “Photo Update

  1. I really enjoyed the photos and the accompanying remarks. Daddy Long Leg spiders are, for some reason, the only spiders that don’t seem to “bug” people. The Stick bug – wow! Are you sure that’s not a fake. Wonder how it got it’s name??


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