Bugs and Butterflies and Dragons, oh my!

Some days I find photography immensely satisflying. Then there are days like today. Days when the shutter always clicks a split second after the subject has left the frame, or the great action shot you thought you had, upon closer inspection, turns out to be a blurry mess.

Don’t get me wrong, my worst day of shooting is still better than my best day doing just about anything else, but I do sometimes wonder what the neighbors must think of me crouching in a mosquito infested swamp, staring at a dead branch, hoping an interesting bird might land on it…any…second…now…

During those moments, I start taking pictures of bugs. They’re my only reliable target on days like today.







This last one, unfortunately, falls into the “blurry mess” category. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was kind-of hoping the bird would fly up and snatch the butterfly out of the air (in the center of my perfectly sharp, precisely timed action shot, of course).

That didn’t happen, but I still like the shot.


One thought on “Bugs and Butterflies and Dragons, oh my!

  1. I really like these shots. Bugs do make pretty good subjects. Reliable yes, but also very colorful and very interesting to observe close up. Definitely worth the time and effort. 👍🏼


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