Bits & Pieces

This week’s post is a collection of miscellaneous shots, mostly from trips out to our property in Davisburg, MI.

Because of the amount of marshy land on the property, we have an abundance of ferns. Unfortunately, we currently have to fight our way through a fair amount of brush and wild raspberries to get to them, but we’re working on that.



This time of year another plant that begins to take over the property is Goldenrod. It’s a Michigan native and I love the sort-of architectural form of its blooms.




Another plant that dominates our landscape at present is Thistle. I have a love/hate relationship with Thistle. As its blooms go to seed, the plant definitely takes on a “weedy” appearance and it’s thorns make it less than friendly if you’re out taking a stroll and have to pass close by, but it consistently attracts beautiful birds and insects. Goldfinch love it, butterflies love it, I’ve never seen hummingbirds at it, but I suspect that’s more a matter of poor timing on my part than anything else.





The one plant I’m still determined to get rid of on the property is the wild raspberry. It grows everywhere, snags on everything, and is a general nuisance. True, it’s a food source for the wildlife, but we plan to replace it with Michigan native food sources such as Amelanchier (Serviceberry) and Winterberry.




This fall I’ll be relocating the Bearded Iris. We’ve discovered four or five of them growing randomly in different areas on the property. They’re gorgeous and they’re definitely staying, but I think they’d have more of an impact on the garden as a single clump.




While working on the property this week, I picked up this very colorful hitchhiker. I first discovered him crawling in my hair. I moved him to my camera bag for this shot. Unfortunately, the shot is not as clear as I would have liked. He was a man on the move and it was all I could do just to keep him in the frame. A quick internet search leads me to believe he’s some kind of predatory stinkbug.




On my recent Heron Hunt (see last week’s blog post for more on that), I had a lot of time to kill sitting in the brush waiting for Herons to show up. Here are a few of the shots I took while waiting.







One thought on “Bits & Pieces

  1. Very, very nice. It is amazing what hidden beauty you can find in nature if you simply slow down and take the time to look closely. Your narrative is also very well written and enjoyable to read. Five stars!!


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