Garden Shots

This week I decided to focus my attention (and my camera lens) on my home garden here in Fenton. I’ve also included a few shots I took earlier in the summer of two new plants I’ve added this year.

The first is this sunny, yellow poppy.

close up poppy


Another new addition is this bright orange Geum, my first such plant.

Fire Starter

I was thrilled this week to discover three monarch caterpillars on my milkweed. Unfortunately, I returned a few days later to discover they’d all gone. I can only assume they became bird food. Next year, I’ll make it a point to add protection for them.



The sunflowers are starting to die back now, but earlier this week they were still in full bloom. They’re wonderful for attracting American Goldfinch and all kinds of bees.


Another popular flower for the bees right now are my Stonecrop. They’ve been covered with big, fat bumbles all week.


My Russian Sage has been pulling in hummingbirds, as well as bumblebees. Of course, putting a feeder overhead helps!




One thought on “Garden Shots

  1. I love your photographs and look forward to seeing more of them. Your commentary and presentation are both excellent. Bravo!


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