Road Trip

This weekend I enjoyed a long overdue road trip to northern Michigan with my amazingly patient mother. Not only did she put up with my constant camera madness, she actually scouted new locations for me. My blog this week features a few of my favorites. To see more from this trip (and just more of my photography in general), please visit the “My Photography” tab here:

We began our trip in East Tawas, which sits on the banks of Lake Huron. If you’re ever in the area, I’d recommend a trip to the Tawas Point Lighthouse.






Aside from all the impressive man made structures, you’ll also find this beautiful, old stump, which had as much character as anything else we saw all weekend.

color stump

I also discovered this lovely, painted rock. No idea who left it, but I’d like to thank them first for honoring our veterans and then for giving me something cool to shoot.


Mom and I stopped for a while to walk on the beach, where we encountered this young lady, for whom all the beach was a stage. Eventually, she kicked off her shoes and did cartwheels up and down the very chilly beach. Meanwhile, I was wishing I could take that beautiful hunk of driftwood home with me. No such luck though.


After East Tawas, we visited Harrisville, home of the prettiest wreck of a building ever. It’s an abandoned train station and I cannot figure out for the life of me why someone hasn’t restored this fantastic, old building.




Metal spikes adorn the roof line. My mother informs me they’re to prevent birds from perching on the roof, but they reminded me of German army helmets.

German army helmut

There was a giant wasp’s nest hanging off the back of the building. It reminded me of a skull, but I’ll let you be the judge.


We made another trip to the shoreline in Harrisville and I stopped to harass the seagulls. I have a feeling they were happy to be rid of me by the time I finally left.

Gull Flight



I spent quite a while trying to get an action shot of the waves crashing against the rocks. But in the end, I was happier with the shots I took along the shoreline, where the waves were rolling back out.






One thought on “Road Trip

  1. You and Mom make a pretty good photo team. An artistic director and a skilled photographer. Looks like a great trip. And, as we have become accustomed to, wonderful photographs. Bravo!


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